Sacred Heart Cemetery

We trust in the Risen Christ as the source of our own resurrection. We are dedicated to the burial of the mortal bodies of Christians until Christ returns.

Beautiful Sacred Heart Cemetery is located on Knapp Street Road off of Highway 44 in Oshkosh Wisconsin. Cemetery records are maintained at the St. Jude Parish Offices, 1025 W. 5th Avenue, Oshkosh, WI. Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.


Each in-ground burial space must be marked with a permanent marker such as granite or bronze and inscribed with Christian symbols. Only one marker is permitted per burial space, except for veteran plaques, which must be attached to the marker or placed flush with the ground in front of the marker. The Cemetery oversees placement of markers and their foundations.


Sacred Heart Cemetery provides in-ground burial space and columbarium niche space for cremains. These spaces are sold at times of need and, in advance of need. They are sold during office hours and, when possible, at the convenience of purchasers.  Burial spaces cannot be re-sold by individual owners. The Cemetery, in some instances, will re-buy burial spaces at the initial purchase price as long as the burial space is usable and unencumbered.


The newest addition at Sacred Heart Cemetery provides a beautiful granite columbarium for burial of cremains. Each of the sides is decorated with a carving of one of the four evangelists - St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Luke, or St. John. These are sold only as double spaced niches. The urns of loved ones will be honorably preserved for all time within walls of granite. Each niche is also lined with a durable polystyrene liner.


Perpetual Care gives assurance to lot owners that the cemetery will always be properly maintained.


The Cemetery will fill in and plant grass seed on grave sites when sufficient time has elapsed after burial. Because of the lack of available water, the Cemetery will not sod. If the family wishes to sod, they may do so, but the Cemetery cannot maintain it, other than the normal cutting.


The watering of urns and natural flowers is the responsibility of the lot owners.


Individuals may not plant any trees or shrubs. The Cemetery will remove or plant trees and shrubs as it deems necessary.


Your expressions of respect in the form of flowers for the deceased are welcome but are restricted to ONE of the following:

Saddle: place on top of the monument.

Container: on the ground at the center of the monument.

Urn: on both sides of the monument.

Shepherd's Crook: to hold hanging flowers.


Cemetery grounds are cleared of seasonal decorations on April 15 and October 15.
Funeral flowers left in place for three days.

Last Updated (Tuesday, 18 October 2005)